church history…

You know how people long ago believed the world was flat? Turns out that Washington Irvine made that up when he was writing about Christopher Columbus. He wanted Columbus to sound like more of a hero then he really was. We have early Christian writings where people already knew the world was round…

Most churches in America face towards the east…where Jesus was crucifed and resurrected.

It took Christians 400 years to agree that “we believe in Father, Son & Holy Spirit.” It’s encouraging as modern religions faces so many issues we disagree on…

We were not looking forward to 7 hours of church history tonight. But the professor ended up being great and the time flew by pretty quickly! It helped that Aaron took me out on our dinner break too. πŸ™‚ Am I nerd for wanting to read about persecutions, philosophers and martyrs tonight, still?

who cares πŸ™‚

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