my family

I adore my family. Each of them are brilliant in their own unique way. They each have a quality about them that makes my heart smile.

I could write a novel about how much I love them. Even though Jeremy tries to be the tough guy, he’s still our baby brother. I will never forget how often we stuck together to help cheer others up. We’re a lot alike in some ways. And now he’s become a college freshman and such a dedicated basketball player. I am so proud!

Lauren is my drop-dead gorgeous sister who I look up to so much. She’s going to school to be a teacher. She’s growing into one of my best friends who I can share anything with. We used to fight like crazy….mostly about stealing each other’s clothes. Very glad those days are long gone. 🙂 Lauren’s going to do amazing things with her life. I’m excited for the people who will get to know her and love her as much as I do.

Ryan has been my sidekick for the longest. 🙂 I love going through old pictures of us growing up together. I try to forget the time he threw forks and knives at me in the kitchen. 🙂 I’ve never been around someone with more discipline than him. He loves running and it’s become part of who he is. There are many things I’m passionate about but I have a difficult time being disciplined enough to make them a daily part of my life. It seems to come easy to him. I think Ryan is the smartest of the 4 of us. 🙂 Well at least he’s got the hardest major. And therefore, making the most money. 🙂 We don’t mind!

I know I’m biased, but God gave me the two most humble, honest, open and loving parents in the world. Every Mother’s Day, we write poems about how much patience Mom has. The patience of an angel. I need so much more of that. She’s so calm and steady. I’ve called her plenty of times in the middle of the night because I was sick or upset. My view of her has changed as I’ve become a married woman and started to dream of being a mother myself. I only PRAY I can do it with half the grace, laughter, and love that she has.

I think I might as well be the female version of my dad! We have similar characteristics & personality and both feel called to spend our lives in the same field. We can talk together about ministry and leadership for hours. I really feel he has shaped a huge part of who I am. I am called to reflect on this as I enter seminary and we write spiritual autobiographies. I look forward to examining how my family played a big role in me getting here. I’ve learned grace from my parents. We don’t get grace in many places in the world.

The thing I’m MOST thankful for today is that we’ve stayed in touch so well. I was terrified leaving for college meant the beginning of the end of our family closeness. But if it’s possible, we’ve only gotten closer the farther we’ve all moved. Thank you to technology! So no matter what life holds for us…I know we’ll all share it together.

My husband has been so patient as he deals with a wife who’s close to her family! As I reflect on growing up with my family, it makes me want to create that kind of warmth and closeness with my own family.

I look over at my husband when we’re watching TV, playing in the backyard with our dog, brainstorming about ministry, on long road trips, or eating dinner and I CANNOT believe God led to me to such a beautiful person.
Aaron has been a part of life now for 5 years now. We’re only creating the beginning chapters of our life together. I am content and peaceful knowing we have years together to create a life that we truly love.
But as we’ve learned this year, we work hard to truly appreciate each other every single day. It could all be gone in an instant.
Well, this is the end of my moment of family adoration for the night. 🙂 Now, onto the reading I’m already getting distracted from!! I’m in trouble if this is what I did to distract me the first week! Just wait until 3 years from now…

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