1st day of orientation

Today was such a blessed wonderful day!!

Random words of wisdom from my future professors…

“you either say yes or no to who you already are but didn’t know it yet.”

“the mystery doesn’t get clearer by asking the same question over and over.”

“we expect medical doctors to study very hard so that when they operate on our hearts, they know what they’re doing. they could save us or damage us. pastors need to study just as hard because we help people’s hearts get healed or damaged..”

“doctors can make patients stay alive or dead….pastors can help people really come ALIVE.”

I was in a constant state of pleasure from noon to 9:30 tonight. I was immersed in a culture that I’ve been dreaming of since 10th grade. You don’t have to even describe you’re feelings of the journey there because everyone understands. They’ve all been there too. Our paths were different but we’re starting this part of the journey together.

My mentor for the next year is an amazing woman. She is an African-American retired UMC West Ohio pastor. She’s going to teach us to meditate! 🙂 I can’t wait to be made to sit still. 🙂

The professors all got a chance to tell us how they felt called into ministry. They were funny, brilliant and inspiring.

I met a couple girls my age and we clicked right away. Yeah Melissa and Kristen!

Thank you to all of you who have prayed me here. And supported us. And financially supported us! And got us ready for this part of our lives. I’ll be forever grateful.

god is good.

really good.

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