summer thoughts

life could be very overwhelming right now.

i still think of david often. one of our best friends died in a plane crash on june 24. my heart continues to break for his wife, alisha, one of my very best friends. his picture is on my phone so i see him many times each day. it reminds me to keep his memory alive. we miss him so much.

we just got back from a great mission trip to Port St. Joe, Florida. it was a new experience taking 24 people to worksites, dinner, worship, McDonalds, waterpark, etc. but our leaders were amazing and patient. the trip exhausted me beyond anything i’ve felt before. but completely worth it. to hear that several of the kids spent 2 hours listening and talking with god makes it all a joy. one girl gave up gossiping. another is working to rid her life of hate.

now i’m facing a week where many many things must be done so we’re ready to move to Ohio next week. there are so many people to say goodbye to. i know i can only get through this with god’s strength inside me.

we are not looking forward to any part of sunday night. saying goodbye to 25 kids & their families who have become our own children will be heart breaking.

necessary and part of life. but still heart breaking.

but we face this week with a sense of content and peace. that we’re following god’s will for our lives.

so its not overwhelming.

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