Brian McLaren…

Jesus was scandalously risky with his language.

He held up a crooked steward as an example of the kingdom. He said that prostitutes would enter the kingdom before the Bible scholars.


That’s another problem with the modern view of sin: it wants to make everything simple, universal, uniform, black and white. Life isn’t that simple, man. Sin isn’t that simple.


Stop counting conversions and start counting conversations.


Talking about God for pay always threatens to work against really loving God. The people who talk the most about God are the ones most in danger of taking God for granted, of letting God become just a comfortable word in their lexicon, a piece of furniture, rather than a reality, a friend, a constant surprise.


It’s none of your business who does and does not go to hell.


My guess is that out of 100 churches, maybe 10 would say they want to change and transition. Most are happy as they are, or they’d rather die than change.

My guess is that of the 10 churches, probably only 2-3 really do, meaning that they are willing to pay the full price.

My guess is that of those 2 or 3, one or two actually do it, but it would be far more difficult than they imagined.

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