i have a love/hate relationship with sleeping. i enjoy the relaxing fall asleep part. especially when i get to cuddle with my sweetheart. and i don’t mind the waking up part because i usually can hop right out of bed and be ready to go. that comes from the jr. high jazz band practices at 6:30am. i had to wake myself up and get ready every morning.

it’s the half-fall asleep-go in and out of sleep thing that i HATE. i always feel ugh when i wake up. there’s something with fibromyalgia where i don’t go into stage 4 sleep where our muscle tissue gets strengthened and rebuilt. hence the reason my muscles hurt. so i guess during 30 minute naps, i must go some weird state where my mood suddenly hates the world. 🙂

poor aaron. he loves to nap on sunday afternoons. i start to fall asleep and then i wake up all the sudden and complain that he let me fall asleep and he knows i shouldn’t ever nap.

i’m weird.

so i’m procrastinating from my reading for class by typing here.

the end.

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